Corrinda Raine is a creative and unique underwater portrait photographer located in the great state of Texas. She travels throughout Texas to include her home townships of Houston &  Dallas/Fort Worth. Corrinda is availble for hire and travel throughout the United States. Corrinda Raine received her Bachelors Degree of Fine Art in Photography, on December 16, 2016. She works as a freelance artist, as well as a Youth Sports Photographer for TSS Photography located in Dallas, Texas.

   Corrinda's inspiration for her fine art work comes from life experiences in both the positive and negative space of the creative mind. Her aesthetic is created using juxtapositions between the melancholy of life and the passion of emotions. Corrinda captures these memories using a Nikon D810A and Sigma 24mm Art Lens; encased within an Equinox underwater housing unit with unique lighting system.

    Corrinda has won several awards including Special Recognition for the Seascapes exhibition for her composite “The Puddle Pirate”, from Light Space & Time Online Gallery in October 2015.


Corrinda Raine will be having an Exhibition

in October 2017 

for the long awaited Lady of White Rock Lake Project